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XypherChat Registration

In XypherChat, a user reserves a login name and sets a password. When successfully registered, the XypherChat central server issues the user a XypherChat identification number (XID) that, along with the user login name, globally identifies the XypherChat user anywhere in the world.

TO REGISTER, fill out the following form. Be sure to provide a valid email address because your XypherChat information will be mailed there. Your password will never be repeated. You will never be able to recover a lost password or reset a lost account. A XypherChat administrator will never ask you for your password, or to change it.

Please also note that missing form fields may result in your registration being canceled.

Your XID has been not computed yet. Please fill out the following form.

* First name:
* Last name:
* User Login name:


* Valid email address:
* XypherChat password:
* Confirm XypherChat password:
Optional: Enter other random data here (can be senseless keystrokes; the more the better, generally speaking).





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